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Essential oils What are essential oils?

There are historical facts that essential oils have been used since cavemen who discovered their therapeutic properties.

Essential oils are liquids containing volatile aromatic compounds. They capture the soul of the plant and preserve its unique properties. The essence of the plant has a high concentration and has a completely pure and natural composition. Essential oils also preserve the authentic aromas of herbs.

Essential oils are extracted through various processes - one of which is the method of steam distillation. They can be extracted from different parts of plants - root, stem, leaves, bark, flowers. Oils extracted from different parts of a plant have different chemical compositions, which lead to different healing properties and aromas.

How to use essential oils?

Essential oils have many applications, some are:

Aromatherapy - the aromas of essential oils and their different chemical composition contribute to their strong effect on the mental and physical condition of a person. Basil and peppermint essential oils, for example, help increase energy, concentration and performance. Others, such as the essential oils of lavender and lemon balm, predispose to relaxation of the senses and body and better and more restful sleep. Some essential oils, such as St. John's wort, are used to improve mood and drive away gloomy thoughts.

For freshening and purifying the air at home or in the office. Essential oils have antibacterial properties, can be used to disinfect and freshen the air in various rooms, as well as vehicles. It is also possible to use essential oils for cleaning various surfaces, refreshing laundry, they are a great natural way to disinfect and are a natural aroma in home cosmetics.

In skin and hair care products - 100% pure natural essential oils can be added to enhance the effect. Due to the high concentration of essential oils, care should be taken of how much is used and it should be avoided using them in pure form directly on the skin. Exceptions are some oils that can target specific skin problems, such as lemon balm essential oil which has an excellent effect on herpes or lavender oil for acne and problem skin.

Essential oils can also be used for massages mixed with base oil (eg rosehip oil). Some essential oils relieve muscle tension and pain - such is the essential oil of basil, sage oil helps with menstrual pain. Other essential oils relax the senses and the body - lavender essential oil.

Essential oils can be used in various spa treatments and therapies. They are often used in saunas to enhance the detoxifying effect.

One of the main uses of essential oils is due to the fact that they have antiviral and antibacterial effects, along with strengthening the immune system and increasing the body's ability to fight diseases and viruses. Essential oils that are used to boost the immune system are oregano, winter savory and thyme.

In addition to therapeutic purposes, essential oils are used for a variety of spiritual practices, ceremonies and rituals . Combining yoga and meditation with the use of essential oils helps to elevate the spiritual journey and to intensify the experience during the practices.

Some types of essential oils also act as natural repellents without compromising safety and health.

In conclusion, the scents of essential oils stimulate, soothe, enchant. They act on the senses, body, soul and give incredible sensuality and harmony in life.

* We advise you to make a consultation with a professional - aromatherapist or a doctor and to always follow their instructions.

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