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Meditation The aromas of essential oils are like the soul of plants. Each fragrance carries a special message and reveals the hidden wisdom of the plant. According to ancient scriptures, pure aroma has the ability to preserve and improve the vibration of the body. In this sense, fragrances are wonderful natural remedies that affect a very deep and subtle level - body, mind and emotions.

The essential oils for meditation are characterized by the fact that their aroma interrupts or slows down the flow of stubborn indiscriminate thoughts of the mind and enhances the conscious and valuable perception of the present moment. They have their own aura, vibration, emotion and from their interaction with the aura, vibration and emotion of man a certain effect is born. What is important is the intention when using a specific essential oil - it gives guidelines and priorities in the effect on the energy body. Integrating aromas into yoga practice is a very easy and enjoyable way to influence the chakras and support meditation.



Lavender essential oil is very popular for meditation. It is definitely a wonderful essential oil for emotional wellness, for dealing with nervous tension and stress. The floral aroma of lavender essential oil brings a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. It calms the mind and helps to ground it. Lavender essential oil soothes without causing fatigue. In this way, one can better concentrate and focus on the present moment while meditating. It purifies the aura and the mental body. Lavender essential oil promotes healthy and full sleep, which predisposes its use even during evening meditation.


VITALITY The wonderful mild citrus aroma of lemon balm acts as an opening door to the divine energies. The aroma of the oil helps for greater clarity and focus. It can dispel all the shadows that prevent us from knowing our true nature and life mission. Melissa essential oil helps us to connect with our inner light and intuition, to revive the energy of the heart, to better balance our emotions. Melissa is an oil that reminds us that we are loved and protected. Ideal oil for morning or lunch meditation.


CLARITY AND VISION A wonderful fragrance for meditation is the essential oil of clary sage. The fragrant oil restores the clarity of the mind and sharpens the senses. It helps us rethink ingrained attitudes, beliefs and prejudices and, if necessary, throw them "overboard". Clary sage essential oil is especially valuable for calming and centering the mind, for achieving balance, increasing vital energy and cultivating a sense of inner peace. Ideal oil for meditation after work and / or when feeling tired and exhausted.


SELF-CONFIDENCE Yarrow essential oil is another excellent essential oil for raising spiritual awareness. This is especially valuable for people who want to increase their self-confidence, to process old emotional wounds and transform them into love. Yarrow essential oil is a good tonic for strengthening the subtle energies. Yarrow reminds us that everything in life follows a cycle and the best way not to fall into the waves of life is to ride them. As a symbol of perseverance, will to survive and free spirit, yarrow oil strengthens self-esteem, courage and patience.


FOCUS AND MOTIVATION Basil essential oil clarifies the mind, sharpens the senses, relieves fatigue and nervousness. It improves intuition and decisiveness. Basil essential oil is a spiritual oil that opens the heart meridian and releases the movement of energy between the heart and the hands. It works well on the heart and umbilical chakra.

Meditation and essential oils in the right combination can reveal an easily accessible, effective and pleasant way to open the heart (develop kindness and compassion), to focus, relax and calm the processes of the mind, to reduce stress in everyday life and to get to know of our true nature and most importantly to start loving ourselves!

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