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Children`s health Aromatherapy for children is an effective and natural method for strengthening children's health and for preventing various diseases. Children react positively to the pure aromas extracted from naturally grown plants.

The most important role of essential oils is to strengthen the immune system and to help the child's body fighting infections. Aromatic oil molecules have the ability to cross the cell membrane and directly destroy many pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi, accelerate the healing process and prevent the aggravation of symptoms and complaints.

The aromas of essential oils stimulate children's mental development, imagination, logical thinking, speech and memory. In addition, floral gentle shades have a beneficial effect on the mood of the more sensitive, which helps them to be more energetic and cheerful. The pleasant aroma in the children's room creates an atmosphere of warmth and protection. Most children who grow up in an environment of pleasant aromas are calmer, cheerful and self-confident, less likely to get sick than those of their peers.

In addition, aromatherapy for children is a great alternative approach against colds and viruses, pain, restless sleep, lack of concentration, aggression, malaise and protection against ticks and insects.

Nowadays children are extremely energetic, overexcited and hyperactive and it becomes a common problem to control and calm them. Again, with the help of essential oils, critical situations such as lack of concentration and aggression in children can be solved. Suitable aromatherapy is a combination of essential oils of lavender and melissa.

Some essential oils are natural repellents and can protect children from tick and mosquito bites. Aromatherapy offers a number of essential oils, the chemical composition of which contains ingredients that have a repellent effect on these insects. The most effective are the essential oils of lavender, basil and melissa. Lavender and German chamomile essential oils can be used to soothe the area around the bite.

One of the most beneficial and most commonly used essential oils for problems with children over 3 years of age are lavender, chamomile, thyme and oregano.

Lavender essential oil is the oil of mothers and children. For colds or viral infections with runny or stuffy nose, clogged breasts with secretions, cough and fever, lavender essential oil works wonders. Lavender essential oil is also used on insect bites, burns, rashes, eczema, injuries, scars, as it enhances cell activity and growth and thus stimulates tissue regeneration.

Lavender essential oil has a balancing and calming effect, lowers nervous tension and promotes peace and quiet, and thus reduces the impact of stress on the child's immune system. It is no coincidence that lavender essential oil has a pronounced effect on the solar plexus, which is why it is extremely valuable in controlling anger and reducing the level of aggression and hyperexcitability in children.

Lavender oil has countless very valuable properties but one of the most important is to work as a painkiller, which makes it invaluable for relieving ear pain in children.

Aromatherapy with lavender essential oil is very suitable for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes in problems with fluency - stuttering. In this case, aromatherapy is not used as the only tool, but is combined with speech therapy and psychotherapy techniques.

Chamomile essential oil also plays an important role in children's health. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. It is used for fever, rashes, itching, erupting toothache, nervousness and irritability, pain, muscle spasms, and digestive problems such as constipation, upset and vomiting.

Thyme essential oil has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-infective, antifungal and antiseptic effects. Its most common use is for viral infections, respiratory problems, colds, sore throats, coughs and muscle aches.

Oregano essential oil is a very popular essential oil for children. It is a strong and really effective oil, especially when it comes to bacterial infections. It is used as a natural antibiotic. Together with thyme essential oil they are used for coughs, respiratory problems and more serious conditions. Foot massage with oregano essential oil is very effective for the prevention and treatment of colds and viral infections. Oregano essential oil must be diluted very carefully.

There are principles for proper and safe application of essential oils in children. The concentration of essential oils in base oil in children is much lower than in adults. The most common principle is that half of the ratio that applies to therapy in adults is applied to children.

All traditional methods offered by aromatherapy - inhalations, compresses, baths and aerosols with essential oils, give a good effect in the treatment of children's diseases.

If all the rules are followed, aromatherapy can become a basic and successful method for the treatment and prevention of children's diseases.

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