Organic Chamomile - 100% pure and natural essential oil (5ml)


Organic Chamomile - 100% pure and natural essential oil (5ml)

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100% Chamomile essential oil

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Chamomile essential oil (Matricaria recutita) is successfully used for skin and hair care, colds, gastrointestinal complaints and psychological problems.

Blue chamomile oil, botanically known as Matricaria recutita and Matricaria chamomilla, has an antibacterial, strong anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, digestive and menstrual stimulus, blood circulation, analgesic, antiseptic and wound healing effect. It is also often used against inflammation of the gastric mucosa, stomach ulcers, as well as against inflammations in the area of the mouth, especially the oral cavity, the respiratory tract and the skin.

Pure chamomile oil has a lively, intense blue color due to its important chemical component: Chamazulene (C14H16), which is only formed during steam distillation and determines the strong, penetrating, herbaceous odor. The essential oil of blue chamomile is ideal for skin care due to its mild and non-irritating character.

The blue chamomile oil is ideal for blemished skin, mixed skin types and for the care of acne-prone skin. The antibacterial effect can also be very helpful for the treatment of pimples, itchy ear eczema, diaper eczema, skin allergies, mature or very dry skin or poorly healing wounds. Its gentle, healing effect can be used especially for eczema and reddened skin. It is often mixed into skin creams as an anti-inflammatory compound.

As one of the few essential oils, chamomile oil does not irritate the skin. It is very skin-friendly, has a calming and loosening effect and is often added to various skin care products. It has an invigorating, refreshing, nourishing and regenerating effect on the skin.

The calming and mood-enhancing properties make chamomile oil a wonderful remedy for general restlessness, sleep disorders, mental distress and depression. Pure chamomile essential oil has an anti-anxiety, mood-enhancing and calming effect on people who feel stressed.

Chamomile oil promotes blood circulation and thus also helps to promote wound healing, especially in the case of burn injuries. The increased blood flow stimulates cell division so that the injured areas are renewed more quickly. However, chamomile oil should not be used on open wounds - it would be counterproductive to promote blood circulation.

The blue chamomile oil has an antibacterial effect, helps against inflammation and even inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. The essential oil of chamomile is a tried and tested home remedy for colds. It dissolves colds and clears the sinuses. It also calms the attacked mucous membranes and respiratory tract. Even migraines and other chronic headaches are said to be relieved by inhaling chamomile oil.

The oil can also be effective against skin and mucous membrane inflammation because, in addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, it can also fight bacteria and fungi. For these reasons, chamomile oil can also be used against diseases of the anus and abdomen.

Chamomile oil has a strong positive effect on several levels against gastrointestinal problems. Its calming effect is well known for an upset stomach, gas and nausea. Due to its anticonvulsant properties, chamomile oil can be used against stomach upset, stomach cramps and gastrointestinal pain.

Because chamomile also stimulates blood flow, the cells produce more gastric juice, which in turn helps with digestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties have a positive effect on digestion, fight harmful bacteria and thus bring the intestinal flora back into balance.

Chamomile oil is also very suitable for the care of the scalp. It soothes irritated scalps and provides relief from inflammation and fungal diseases that are often responsible for dandruff.

Chamomile essential oil has analgesic properties and can even bring relief from toothache and earache, headache and migraines.

Due to its high content of sesquiterpenes, chamomile oil is also very suitable for use in children, be it on the skin, e.g. in wraps, compresses or as ingredient in a massage oil, but also for inhalation.

  • It has a calming aroma that creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere when diffused.
  • Alleviates PMS symptoms.
  • Good for inflamed and sensitive skin.
  • Soothes sore muscles.

Restlessness, trouble sleeping

• Diffusor: 
3-5 drops of chamomile oil for a room size of 15 square meters.

• Massage oil: 2-3 drops of chamomile oil on 5-10 ml of carrier oil.

Physical effect and areas of application

To promote the regeneration of the skin, against wounds and sunburn

• Rub in: 
Mix 10 g of chamomile oil with 90 g of almond or rosehip oil and apply topically to the skin.

• Rub in: Put one or more drops of chamomile oil on your hands and gently rub it into the affected skin area.


• Massage oil: 
3-4 drops of chamomile oil on 15 ml of carrier oil.

Inflamed and irritated airways, cold symptoms

• Inhalation: 
mix 1 to 2 drops of chamomile oil in the bowl and brew up the oil with a liter of boiling water. Place a large towel over your head and inhale the steam. Inhale up to 3 times a day, depending on the intensity of the symptoms and personal well-being.

Stomach pain

• Rub: rub the stomach with a few drops of chamomile oil in a clockwise direction

Gastrointestinal complaints

• Compresses: 
solution with a maximum of 20 drops in a glass of boiled water.

Discomfort in the genital and anal area, bladder infections and menstrual cramps

• Bath: 
5 drops of chamomile oil with an emulsifier (e.g. shampoo) in the warm bath water. Bath for ten to fifteen minutes.

• Bladder oil compress: Put 5 drops of chamomile oil on a warm, damp compress and place on the bladder area. A warmed wool scarf and a hot water bottle come on top.

• Compress: 7 drops of chamomile oil in ½ Liter of warm water. Soak a linen cloth with it and place it on the lower abdomen several times a day.

Wounds and skin inflammation

• Rub in: 
2 - 3 drops of chamomile oil on 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil.


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