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Mental health Mental health is a human right. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Mental health is a fundamental factor in physical health, well-being and quality of life.

Especially now, when we have been facing a crisis for months that even most of us have never imagined, it is extremely important to maintain our psycho-emotional health in the long run. The feeling of helplessness and lack of clear purpose and security are combined with anxiety from the coronavirus itself, fear for our loved ones and uncertainty about the possible course of the disease are the cause of our growing anxiety and worry. In addition, loneliness and isolation increase the possibility of depression.

The use of essential oils can be an effective means of supporting mental health because they can lift the spirits, calm the nervous system, promote sleep, improve mood, relieve symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, fear, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress - one of the important factors that severely weaken the immune system.

Anti-stress medications often lead to adverse side effects and can become quite addictive. In this case, we can rely on aromatherapy and the power of nature, because essential oils provide a more natural and organic alternative, working to reduce stress levels, improve mental health and quality of life without developing addiction.

When a person inhales the vapor of essential oils, the aroma is transmitted from the cells in the nasal mucosa to the brain, and in particular to the limbic system, which is involved in the regulation of internal organ functions, smell, behavior, emotions, memory, sleep and more. The perception of aromas causes certain emotional sensations and associations. Most fragrances are emotionally colored, evoking memories and images. Aroma is the strongest connection with the subconscious, where memories are stored.

One of the most famous essential oils in aromatherapy - lavender essential oil - is valuable for its calming effect on the psyche and its ability to reduce anxiety, relax and improve sleep. In a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, for example, participants were exposed to stress before performing a memorization task. Those who inhaled the scent of lavender before being subjected to this stress performed much better than those who inhaled the placebo scent.


St. John's wort is especially valuable because of its content of hypericin - the strongest natural antidepressant known to science. St. John's wort essential oil is successfully used to treat depression, anxiety, restlessness, nervous tension and mental exhaustion. Clinical studies prove that the effectiveness of St. John's wort essential oil in the fight against depression is due to the slower but at the expense of this longer action compared to classic antidepressant drugs and most importantly - no side effects. Especially during the colder and gloomier seasons, St. John's wort essential oil is a perfect stimulant - it relieves the symptoms of seasonal depression and improves mood.

Clary sage essential oil can also improve mental health. It improves the levels of thyroid hormones, stimulates the energy exchange between emotions and thoughts. It regulates outbursts of excessive emotionality. Depending on the concentration, its effects can cause agitation, euphoria or calmness. Clary sage essential oil also helps with relaxation, relieves anxiety and symptoms of depression. It creates a feeling of lasting inner harmony and peace of mind.

Basil essential oil has an exceptional effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person. It is one of the most tonic and invigorating oils, restoring the harmony between body, soul and mind. For this reason, it is often called "balm for the soul." Its strong energizing aroma stimulates mental activity, improves memory and concentration. The antidepressant effect of basil essential oil is due to the fact that it stimulates the adrenal gland, which secretes hormones which mobilize the body to overcome a stressful situation and which are responsible for vitality and increased tone. The most important glucocorticoid is cortisol (also called "stress hormone"). When cortisol is lowered, the body fails to cope with stress and gets adrenal fatigue, a condition that some experts call depleted adrenal gland syndrome.

Melissa essential oil has the strongest sedative effect on the central nervous system. Inhaling the aroma of melissa oil or applying the oil to the skin is considered to stimulate relaxation and reduce anxiety symptoms. It balances mood swings, softens reactions to stressful and emotional situations, relieves symptoms of depression, calms the nerves and brings joy to the heart, promotes healthy and full sleep, relaxes, improves mood, refreshes and gives vitality.

The essential oil of helichrysum frees from heavy emotional scars, deep negative emotions such as persistent hostility, anger, resentment and a very negative attitude. It relieves depression, stress and exhaustion. It removes emotional barriers and helps to achieve inner balance, relaxation, revitalization.

Yarrow essential oil has a warm, floral, herbal aroma. It calms, relaxes nerves, brain and muscles, promotes healthy and sound sleep. Depending on the concentration, its effects can cause agitation or calm. Yarrow essential oil also enhances memory and increases alertness, supports mental work and increases concentration, energizes, improves focus, stimulates logical thinking and clears the mind.

Regular use of a diffuser with your favorite essential oils in combination with yoga or meditation works wonders to maintain good mental health.

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