Organic Lemon Balm - 100% pure and natural essential oil


Organic Lemon Balm - 100% pure and natural essential oil

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100% Lemon Balm essential oil

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Melissa (Melissa officinalis) or Lemon balm is a perennial plant of the mint family and has a variety of popular names: hives, women’s welfare, heart rust, lemon herb. Real melissa oil is distilled from the plant Melissa officinalis. As essential oil content of real lemon balm is very low, lemon balm is one of the most valuable oils in the world.

Pure essential oil of melissa has a manifold effect on our organism. This highest quality Melissa oil is considered to have the strongest sedative effect among essential oils and so helps against restlessness, anxiety and fatigue, it balances, calms the nerves in strong mood swings, helps against insomnia, is mood-enhancing and refreshing. Especially the heart-warming agent Caryophyllum helps with nervous overload, falling asleep and heart palpitations.

Precious lemon balm oil has a positive effect on your memory, and in patients with dementia it increases the production of acetylcholine in the brain and thus reduces the symptoms of dementia.

100% natural lemon balm oil is a real miracle cure for all forms of herpes (lips, genitals or shingles). Genuine melissa oil has a strong antiviral effect and if used in time, a herpes outbreak can be prevented or the healing period can be greatly shortened. In addition, it has been proven to work effectively against bacterial infections.

Moreover pure melissa essential oil is exceptionally helpful with spasms in the gastrointestinal tract and against flatulence. It is highly effective as a natural aid in digestive problems and has a positive impact on digestion: it stimulates the stomach to produce more gastric fluid. That makes it easier to decompose food which is difficult to digest.

When having colds and flues with fever and cough, pure essential melissa oil can be used because of its anti-infective power. Likewise irritations of nervous system, neuralgia, migraine and nervous headaches as well as menstrual problems can be successfully alleviated by real melissa oil.

Furthermore melissa essential oil has proven to be very effective against rheumatic complaints, muscle and nerve tensions, muscle soreness or bruises.

WARNING Essential oils are highly concentrated natural substances and should be treated with respect and caution. Keep out of reach of children. During pregnancy consult your doctor before use. Do not apply to inner ear, eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.

  • Helps you sleep better.
  • Effective against herpes viruses.
  • Can improve brain health in relation to Alzheimer's disease.
  • Copes with headaches and neck tension.

Mental effects and applications

Nervousness restlessness, anxiety and exhaustion, sleeping problems

• Bath: 
3-5 drops of oil are mixed with emulsifier (1/4 – 1/3 glass of milk, cream, serum).

• Massage oil: 2 drops of lemon balm oil are mixed with 1 tablespoon (15ml) of jojoba oil.

Physical effects and applications

Headache and migraine

• Scalp massage: 
Mix 2-4 drops of lemon balm essential oil into 10-20 ml of jojoba oil.

Muscle and nerve tension

• Body massage oil: 
Mix 2-4 drops of lemon balm essential oil into 10-20 ml of jojoba oil.

Herpes infections

• Topical application: 
Apply pure, undiluted lemon balm oil over affected area, several times per day.

Cardiovascular problems

• Diffusion:
 Mix 3-5 drops of oil with a bit of water.

WARNING Essential oils are highly concentrated natural substances and should be treated with respect and caution. Keep out of reach of children. During pregnancy consult your doctor before use. Do not apply to inner ear, eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.

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  • author
    Judith — 

    This product is nice looking. Well printed package and the bottle looks sturdy and exquisite. It is easy to spray. Just the scent is not like normal toner. It is a bit bitter and earthy. The water is absorbed easily anyway. It is claimed to be natural organic so I would like to keep using it.

  • author
    Addicted2Amazon — 

    Love the scent, has excellent absorbency and is uber easy to apply - spray and off you go! Hubby has a long beard and not every afershave works, as you can gather, but this misty spray is amazing for your viking no matter how long and thick his beard may be! Love it! We have run out of it now and once the current aftershace we are testing runs out, I will definitely be buying another bottle! Highly recommended!

  • author
    penny — 

    This spritzer is a lovely way to remove traces of cleanser and a refreshing cool mist during hot flashes if you are a woman of a certain age.

  • author
    Goatboy. — 

    [NB, this smells of lemon balm, its not as light & citrusy as lemon as it has a more astringent & vegital note to it.]Since visiting & travelling 'round Turkey many moons ago I've taken to the habit of using Turkish Cologne (Limon Kolonya) for lots of things & I like the smell & refreshing nature of it.This Lemon Balm Floral Water doesn't contain alcohol so shouldn't be used as a hand cleaner like the cologne often is. It does mean that as it only contains water from the flowers, leaves & stems [nothing els

  • author
    Lauren Bell — 

    This bottle of lemon balm floral water contains 250ml which is a very generous size. The bottle features a pump spray which emits a gentle mist rather than a large spray so is excellent for using as a body mist or for cooling your face down. It can also be used as a facial toner. The scent of this floral water is divine and I like to mist it onto my hair and body as a body mist. I like the fact that a fine mist is dispensed when you press the dispenser as this means that the bottle is lasting me quite some

  • author
    Mario A. Messina — 

    Great & pure essential oil.

  • author
    Dodster — 

    We grow this plant in our garden and I would say that the smell of the water is not the same. It is not the freshest smell. More like the kind of "perfume" I made as a kid. A little bit stale smelling. However , it is nice and refreshing to spray when you are feeling warm.

  • author
    Bonzo — 

    I started using Turkish lemon cologne at the start of the pandemic, having read that its high alcohol content was great way of vanquishing the virus. I have to say that I've since become a real fan of it and enjoy splashing it on with abandon after a shave or at any time of the day for a quick freshen-up. Even so, a 400ml bottle has lasted me a year and I recently purchased a second bottle. So, I was interested to find out how this this product would compare and even though it isn't a cologne and has no alc

  • author
    DragonRose UK — 

    I was very disappointed with this spray because it doesn't smell of lemon at all. I don't like the fragrance at all and just can't use it.The bottle and the packaging are lovely, and the fact that it's an organic product makes it a great buy. I just wish it had a nicer fragrance.

  • author
    JuliaC — 

    This is nice lemon balm tonic. It is soothing and cooling on my skin and smells lovely. Quite pricey but it does the job well.

  • author
    M. Hailling — 

    I have not not ever experienced or used any spray with such many purposes before however the reason behind my order is to use this aftershave having very good experience with the lemon scent aftershave before. This spray does work but not the quality I was expected at all considering the price, the size of the spray is very good though

  • author
    Mrs. C. Swarfield — 

    I absolutely love this product. I have been using the Rose floral in this make and it is wonderful. I am just as delighted with this floral water in the lemon fragrance. Light and refreshing I use this as a cooling spritzer before moisturising in the morning and also as a body spray.This floral water comes in a lovely presentation box which makes ideal for gifting if you can bear to part with it. I am so pleased with this and really cannot find anything better. The one I have used for years has just been di

  • author
    LAP — 

    This floral water sprays well and feels nice and refreshing on the skin but I don’t really like the fragrance, it kind of smells like lemon but not enough for me to like it and want to wear it every day.

  • author
    KittyKat — 

    This body spray is light with a delicate scent. I was hoping that it would smell more lemony, so I got that fresh feeling after using it.I used the spray after showering and always like that clean smell. This seemed perfect as it had lemon in it and was good for the skin.The spray does leave the skin feeling nice. I sue mine as a body spray, not sure about it being a suitable aftershave as mentioned in the description.

  • author
    charles wise — 

    Smells good and goes a long ways.

  • author
    Rebecca Haden — 

    Floral waters are nice for a refreshing spritz on face or body, for misting your pillow or ironing, and for a quick scented spray any time you want one.This one is herbal, not floral, not sweet. It's light and doesn't linger very long. Just the thing for a quick, sharp burst of scent.

  • author
    Danice Jimenez — 

    It has a good scent and it’s easy to use. I actually like using it on my clothes and to freshen the air

  • author
    Rebecca Haden — 

    This light floral water has a natural lavender scent. It's a refreshing spray for face, hair, body, or even your pillow.You can use it as an ironing spray, too.The pump is effective and the packaging is attractive.

  • author
    Amazon Customer — 

    Excelente aroma y calidad

  • author
    Yola — 

    I like the fragrance, I spray it on my hair, and arms . Lasts a long time!!

  • author
    A. Sparks — 

    Loving it so far. I put a couple of drops into my face lotion each night.

  • author
    Ian W. — 

    Very Nice product would recommend

  • author
    Jasandra — 

    It smell sooo nice, Also so refreshing to the skin.

  • author
    Amazon Customer — 

    Incredible natural flavor.

  • author
    J Núñez M — 

    It is very particular aroma. This EO has many properties. This oil is not common, Essences Bulgaria is the best producer and seller of this EO.

  • author
    J Núñez M — 

    Great product. Excellent presentation. It is a pure essential oil perfect to treat respiratory disorders. It has a strong herbaceous camphoraceous odour.

  • author
    Devin gamble — 

    Sadly I did not get a chance to use the oil when in labor or to induce my labor but the smell is lovely and I will be using it for other aroma therapy work.

  • author
    Candace — 

    Awesome product and the perfect addition to my collection! Will buy again!

  • author
    Jasmine Flores — 

    Very strong scent but it is essential oils so can’t expect different. Works well and does what is needs to do.

  • author
    Kim S. — 

    Saw an article and thought i would try it

  • author
    C.H — 

    The product came well packaged. I gargle with a drop or two, olive oil & water when necessary.

  • author
    Sara Ellen — 

    I have had cold sores (herpes zoster) off and on in my life. I tried all kinds of treatments - both conventional and natural. Some of the powerful treatments were helpful, but I did not have much success with any homeopathic treatments. Not until this Melissa Oil. I have never experienced such instant relief from a cold sore outbreak with a hemeopathic treatment – it is just amazing. If I had an option for 6 stars I would give it, as it is far better than what I had ever expected. Must have medicine! Plus t

  • author
    S. Lawrence — 

    Great quality! I mixed this with coconut oil in a rollerball first rashes/irritations, and it seems to be doing the trick. I’m not an expert in oils because this is the first time I’ve done something like this, but it seems to work.

  • author
    Mary T. Lennox — 

    Using for Lyme Disease. Nice aroma and overall good purchase.

  • author
    Jill A Crotteau — 

    It is working great for what I needed it for.

  • author
    D. M. — 

    It smells very nice, but was not the Melissa I was used to

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