Organic Greek Oregano - 100% pure and natural essential oil (10ml)


Organic Greek Oregano - 100% pure and natural essential oil (10ml)

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100% Oregano essential oil

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Genuine oregano oil is undoubtedly one of the most important natural antibiotics . Oregano oil consists of very effective compounds working against resistant bacteria .

Spicy oregano oil provides very potent anti-fungal effects , so it is able to eliminate various types of fungi even in low concentration, which if untreated can cause skin, foot or nail fungus infections. These strong fungicidal properties of pure natural oregano oil are very powerful even against stubborn fungal infections such as thrush or candidacies.

Thanks to its strong digestive and stomach-enhancing properties, essential oil of oregano is ideal for treating indigestion (e.g. pain, bloating and flatulence) and various gastrointestinal disorders (such as gas spasms, constipation or diarrhea). Furthermore, true oregano oil can be applied very effectively against intestinal parasites .

In addition, 100% pure natural oregano oil has an excellent influence on your immune system and supplies antiviral properties. Therefore it is used very successfully to prevent and treat viral diseases (such as influenza infections). Oregano oil can be beneficial against infections and catarrhs of the respiratory tract thanks to its antiseptic, disinfectant, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties on the bronchia. It eliminates the germs and also inhibits the formation of inflammatory substances, which is very important especially for chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

To help working on skin diseases (e.g. eczema, acne, itching), insect bites, fungal infections or viral diseases (e.g. herpes zoster, herpes simplex) and other skin irritations, the anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and fungicidal properties of valuable oregano oil are very useful. High-quality oregano oil is highly able to fight herpes virus locally. Due to its strong antiseptic abilities, this wonderful oil has found usage in dentistry against tooth and gum infections, fungal infections of oral cavity and even in metaphylaxis. Regular treatment with 100% pure natural oregano oil contributes significantly to improving your health and hygiene of your mouth and throat.

In terms of the mind, real oregano oil has a very stimulating effect and is a great support in cases of exhaustion. Furthermore studies prove, pure oregano oil can be used to support cancer patients. It does not only inhibit the division of cancer cells but can also successfully combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

WARNING Essential oils are highly concentrated natural substances and should be treated with respect and caution. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not apply to inner ear, eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.

  • Powerful natural antibiotic.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Supports the body's defense system.
  • Has antifungal properties and can successfully treat such nail conditions.
  • Can be used to clean surfaces and for general disinfection purposes.

Mental effects and applications

Stimulates mind, helps with mental exhaustion

• Diffusion: 
Mix 8-10 drops of essential oil with 4 tablespoons of water.

Physical effects and applications

Cough and bronchitis

• Inhalation: 
Mix 2-3 drops of essential oil and 1 tablespoon of honey, put it into hot water and stir the liquid. Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose. Inhale vapors for 3-5 minutes.

• Body massage oil: Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to 20 ml of any base-oil.

Infections (such as tonsillitis), throat pain

• Gargling: 
Add 3-4 drops of essential oil to a glass of warm water, mix well and gargle a few times a day.


• Hot compress: 
Add 2-4 drops of essential oil to a bowl of hand-hot water, apply to the desired area.

• Bath: 5-15 drops of essential oil are mixed with emulsifier (1/4-1/3 glass of milk, cream, serum).

Fungal diseases (foot and nail mycosis)

• External application: 
Apply directly onto the affected spots.

Herpes infections

• Topical application: 
Apply pure, undiluted oil over affected area.

Itching and redness (eczemas)

• External application: 
Add 4 drops of essential oil into 230 grams of water. Wash the face using this liquid / twice a day.

Skin issues (e.g. acne, cellulite, psoriasis)

• External application: 
Mix 2-3 drops of oregano oil with 1 teaspoon of olive or coconut oil and apply to sensitive skin. Do not apply oil of oregano full strength to broken skin or rashes.

WARNING Essential oils are highly concentrated natural substances and should be treated with respect and caution. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not apply to inner ear, eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.


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    Nasser Bin Omar — 

    I would like to buy. We are resellers My phone +966534236591 Also WhatsApp I need more information

  • author
    Gabriela — 

    Innere Anwendung - bisher keine Empfehlung gefunden! Wie genau wird Oreganoöl denn nun eingenommen? Muss es verdünnt eingenommen werden? Kann ich es mit Tee verdünnen? Anwendung für Candida Pilzbehandlung im Inneren gedacht. Bitte hilfreiche Antwort geben, danke. Gabriela

  • author
    L Parr — 

    Nice quality essential oil, reasonable price. I am a certified aromatherapist and I find that more than there should be our oils offered here on Amazon that are not authentic. I found this oil to be of good quality, it past the paper test where I put a drop of oil on paper and come back a couple hours later and it should look like nothing was ever there, fakes will leave a grease stain. This oil passed with flying colors. I like the fact that the oil is organic and for an organic oil, I feel the price is a

  • author
    ChristineMM — 

    This oregano essential oil is great foe using in blends for diffusing. It smells true.

  • author
    Got Influence? — 

    If you're into essential oils at all, you know the value of a quality oregano oil for a variety of uses.This is an excellent addition to the natural health products we use in our household.

  • author
    Steve Schafer — 

    Oregano is known to have many different health benefits. This is a very strong essential oil that I use both topically and internally for added health benefits. Seems like a very well-made product with a company that stands behind their product. Comes in a nice amber glass bottle to help preserve the oil and your typical drip top style. No problem with it leaking during shipment. I like it. Recommended.

  • author
    TRVLR — 

    This was delivered quickly and I'm very pleased with it! It smells great, it's a good value, blends well with other oils and best of all....there was no leakage at all when I received this package. I've received other oils from other sellers in the past that were half empty due to leakage...that was not a problem here. I definitely recommend!

  • author
    Lisa M — 

    I really only use essential oils in my diffuser, so I can't really speak to the effectiveness of this oil as far as anything other than scenting my home, I can say the fragrance is much lighter than I was expecting and that's ok, because I was concerned my house would smell like an Italian resturant all the tine.I can say that I have heard oregano oil is good for sinus issues and I have tried sleeping while using this and I do feel a little clearer than usual, but I have never used it on my body for any oth

  • author
    Debbie — 

    I received a 10ml bottle of undiluted, pure Oregano (Origanum vulgare) essential oil. The bottle has a plastic reducer/dropper orifice to control dosage. This essential oil is grow and made in Bulgaria. I assume it's steam-distilled, but they don't say on the bottle or package insert. It smells a little different than my previous oregano EO, but that may just be due to the different locations that the plants were grown. It smells like I'd expect from a pure essential oil. As they point out, dilute this oil

  • author
    kindred spirit — 

    I sniff this bottle everyday before going out and when I get home. Don't touch it to nose just sniff it. Also use in diffuser. Have been doing it for a few years. So far so good.

  • author
    Heather — 

    I received this oregano EO through the Amazon Vine Voice program.This is superb in quality, and I am happily combining this with a unique set of oils for my skincare & soap formulations. Just a lovely oil to use and formulate with ~ Highly recommend :)

  • author
    Love My Bookish Life — 

    Essences Bulgaria Oregano Essential Oil 100% pure, undulated, therapeutic grade…???? Nicely packaged with a drop top dispenser The Amber glass bottle protects the oil from the harmful rays of light.???? The fragrance is amazing, smells incredible and is super concentrated.???? This works beautifully in my oil warmer, it sells the room with its beautiful fragrance.????The benefits of diffusing oregano oil is that it can reduce inflamation and help clear your respiratory tract. Perfect as we enter cold and fl

  • author
    Brandon — 

    This is a powerful scent here. Only a few drops needed to add a bit more of an herbal note to whatever recipe you’re using.Very strong scent here! It lasts long and holds well with time.Good quality oil that works better than other watered down brands

  • author
    ChiefB — 

    I got this oregano essential oil because my sister-in-law swears by oregano's healing powers and I wanted to try it if I or another family member started feeling under the weather. Oregano is high in antioxidants, and oregano essential oil is especially high in carvacrol and thymol, two antioxidants that also have antibacterial and antifungal effects. This bottle of oregano essential oil also contains black cumin seed oil, which also is high in antioxidants, and propalis extract. Propalis is made by honeybe

  • author
    Hunter Warrior — 

    This is a high-quality Oregano essential oil. Potent and fresh. It has the sweet, spicy aroma as expected of Oregano. I use it for aromatherapy against colds and respiratory issues. It works well for that. It diffuses well in my ultrasonic diffuser and creates a conducive environment to help with colds and flu symptoms.This comes in an amber glass bottle with an Euro dropper and packaged in a retail box with an info sheet in it. Mine has a best before date of over 4 years from now. I appreciate that it stat

  • author
    Divascribe — 

    I got this oil to use in my diffuser as an herbal remedy when I'm stuffed up due to colds or allergies. It's not a "pretty" scent like lavender or other florals, but it does help open my nasal passages. It's a healthy, non-drug remedy.

  • author
    ???? Kitten Kisser ???? — 

    This seems good. It smells & performs as expected. The only thing that's not too clear is the Country Of Origin aka COO & the extraction method. The company is in Bulgaria. So is the oregano EO sourced there as well? Aside from that, the oil is fine. I use it for bacterial overgrowth & as an herbal antibiotic.Botanical name:Origanum vulgare leafPackaged in a 1/3 oz amber glass bottle with a standard plastic reducer/euro dropper top.

  • author
    R Simmons — 

    I only use this sort of mint for medicinal purposes so can only recommend it for that reason. Very effective in reducing internal gas and bloating for me. Maybe it'll work for you just as well but be careful and read the instructions and follow them!

  • author
    Rich M — 

    This essential oil is great when you feel a cold coming on. I've used it in my diffuser and it really helps with breathing under those circumstances. It's got a powerful spicy scent and is quite potent. Good for what ails you. I've read that this oil can be used to help remove warts. I'm going to try that next. This stuff is definitely worth keeping around. The included brochure has sourcing info along with some suggestions for use. The shelf life goes through 12/25 according to the box, so it will last you

  • author
    KittyKat — 

    I got this to use in the bath as its a concentrated blend it required mixing/cutting before use.The instructions are easy to follow and there are various recommendations for use.The smell wasn't quite what I was expecting, it has a woody/mossy smell to it, though not unpleasant, it didn't;t have that relaxing smell I was looking for.My skin did feel lovely afterwards, and a tiny amount, a few drops is all you need, so the product will last a long time. For me, it's a bout getting used to the smell, once I'v

  • author
    Amazon Customer — 

    Great flavor, very potent

  • author
    Val — 

    When my kids start showing signs of cold or flu, I start applying every night, a couple of drops on the bottom of their feet. They start improving within days. A friend of mine told me about this great natural remedy but I did not believe him until I saw the results myself. Thank you so much!

  • author
    Amazon Customer — 

    I love this fresh mint smell for every day, but when I’m getting ill, it really blocks any kind of sickness coming though. I rub it mixed in my coconut oil before going to bed on my chest. The quality must be really great, as it helps, just great!

  • author
    Eve — 

    The oils are fantastic and the delivery was prompt. I am very satisfied with these oils, they smell very pleasant. I like that they are natural oils and contain no chemical ingredients.

  • author
    Eve — 

    Great oil! 1-2 drops are enough and it smells for quite a long time and pleasant as well. Best oil I have had so far!

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