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Aromatherapy Herbs and their healing powers have been known to humans for centuries. Numerous artifacts have shown the use of essential oils from ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt, essential oils were used in various spiritual rituals. It is believed that this is where aromatherapy originates, as there are facts proving the use of fragrant essential oils for medicinal purposes. Evidence of aromatherapy practice has also been found in ancient China, Greece, and later in the Roman Empire and Persia. Herbs and essential oils are mentioned in many myths, legends and even in the Bible. Today, aromatherapy is widespread due to its positive effects on physical, mental, spiritual health and balance. In order to unleash the potential of essential oils and achieve the desired results, it is extremely important to know their healing benefits and aromas in depth. Aromatherapy methods Direct inhalation of oils - one of the easiest and fastest ways to inhale the fragrances of essential oils is by dripping a single drop of oil on the wrists or palms. We recommend being careful with the amount and avoiding contact with the face and eyes. Steam inhalation - a few drops of essential oil are dropped into a vessel with hot water, the head is covered with a towel, the vapors of the oils inside the hot water are inhaled. When using this method, it is very important to follow the recommended amount of essential oil. Steam inhalation is an easy, affordable and effective method for quick relief of the most common symptoms of colds and flues. Aroma spray - a few drops of essential oil are added to water in a spray bottle, the aroma spray can be used to refresh rooms, offices, cars, even clothes and bed linen. Aroma lamp and diffuser for essential oils - a few drops of an essential oil of your choice is added to water and then diffused for not longer than 30-40 minutes. Massage or body oil with essential oils - essential oils diluted in base oil can be used for massages. When are the aromatherapy methods helpful? Aromatherapy can be used to support and strengthen the immune system, to help with headaches and migraines, to improve memory and performance at work and everyday duties, to balance emotional state, to reduce stress and relaxation, to relieve anxiety and depression, to deal with sleep disorders, etc.

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