Essences Bulgaria on national TV show Brazdi
Essences Bulgaria on national TV show Brazdi
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Yet another favorite moment in this November - the founders of Essences Bulgaria were guests in one of the most famous TV shows on the Bulgarian National Television - "Brazdi"!


We want to share with you another favorite moment from this November - our first participation in a TV show on the Bulgarian National Television - "Brazdi"! It was one of our most exciting days spent in the fields so far.

Let us tell you more about this exciting day. The sky was so gloomy. It was raining in Ruse and we were expecting the rain to reach us - here in the village of Semerdzhievo. Only the wind gave us hope to disperse the clouds. So we were lucky enough not to get wet to the bones.

At noon, one car appeared on the dusty road, and at that very moment, the sun smiled above our farm. Our guests also turned out to be warm just like the sun.

Jonathan Middendorf, one of the founders of Essences Bulgaria, was the first to appear on camera. He explained why he decided to stay in Bulgaria and how he started growing walnut saplings and herbs. In the following video, you can learn more about the long journey filled with failures and many joys and success. In addition to the interesting story, he showed the audience how to plant a walnut sapling:

We also met Pavlina Middendorf - Jonathan's wife and one of the passionate people behind Essences Bulgaria. She shared more about how Jonathan and she discovered interesting and unique herbs such as the Moldovan dragonhead. The Moldavian dragonhead essential oil is defined as a rough diamond among the essential oils and it gains increasing popularity among aromatherapists and scientists studying the power of essential oils around the world. The TV host Grigor Malinov was amazed by the beauty of this rather unknown plant - its blue-purple flowers resemble small dragons, hence its name.

We also managed to introduce you to Veliko Angelov - co-founder of Essences Bulgaria, who told about Rosa Damascena. Surprisingly for many people, it grows very well on the fertile fields close to the Danube river and the qualities of its oil are excellent. He also shared what distinguishes our organic floral rose water from regular rose floral waters.

And of course, once again we express our gratitude and wish the team and the TV show Brazdi - BNT success, a wide audience and captivating stories! Special thanks to the TV host Grigor Malinov!

You can find more details about the show and many more topics on the BNT website -

We hope you liked this meeting. We wish to have many more opportunities to tell you more about our greatest passion - the cultivation of herbs and the production of essential oils! See you soon!

Grigor Malinov and his team interviewing Veliko Angelov:


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