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For us, sustainability is not just a word, it motivates us and gives us strength in our daily work. That is what we stand for as Essences Bulgaria.

Our affair of the heart is to produce according to organic standards, with meaningful rotation principle. Our focus is on agro-biodiversity to provide a wide habitat for healthy bees with a variety of flowering fields in different seasonal stages so that we humans do not live from nature but in harmony with nature.

Working ethically correct and collaborating with the local people is another mainstay for us at Essences Bulgaria. In our economically rather underdeveloped rural community, we are an important employer and thus ensure the preservation and development of the community and at the same time work against emigration of the local population to Western European countries.

There are plenty of reasons to worry about the future, yet it is our aim and our duty to take make the world a little bit better by caring for our local community on a daily basis.