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We aim for quality excellence to justify our customers trust a 100%. Our strict quality policy rewards our clients as well as our family and team hence we use various products from our product range ourselves on a daily basis.

The essential oils, hydrosols and base-oils from Essences Bulgaria originate from homegrown organic agriculture. Our family farm, our fields and of course all of our products are fully organic certified.

We make sure our herbs are harvested at the right time and are handled with absolute care later on. The goal is to sustain the plant’s full spectrum of healing properties while gently processing the harvest.

Right here near Danube river in the North of Bulgaria, we are blessed with some of the richest soils all over Europe. We achieve exceptional compositions of the plant’s active ingredients through the combination of excellent soils and positive climate conditions. Therefore you can truly claim that Bulgaria is the mecca when it comes to producing essential oils.

Beyond that we warrant for all of our natural products with following quality guarantee:

- no additives (e.g. aroma enhancers or artificial fragrances)

- no conservatives

- no synthetics and other solutions

- no mixtures with other oils (like cheap citronella or lemon grass in Melissa oil, which is a common practice among many big players in essential oils industry)

- no GMO

- cruelty free

- vegan

- lactose free

- gluten free




If you have more questions, please contact us! We are eager to help!