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Yoga & sport "Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom completely. The full flowering of human potential is yoga." ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The use of the aromas of essential oils during yoga practices dates back to ancient times. Indian sages, on the path of learning about human nature, combined the aromas of essential oils with spiritual practices in order to reach a high level of pure consciousness, peace and bliss.

Yoga reveals the hidden laws that govern the mind, and aromatherapy gives us a means to interact with our emotional state, while essential oils have a powerful effect on the vibrational energy of our physical, mental and energy body - making them an ideal companion to yoga. Both aromatherapy and yoga strive to bring the body into a state of blissful balance. Essential oils and yoga work in perfect synergy, to achieve calm, focus and complete relaxation.

The aromas of essential oils are incorporated into yoga practice, as their fine volatile molecules connect through the respiratory system with the "conductor of the emotional orchestra" in the brain - the hypothalamus, resulting in the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine, responsible for emotions, feelings, memories and on a physical level, essential oils open the airways and saturate the body with oxygen. Conscious breathing calms the nervous system and returns the body to a state of balance and rest. Regular practice of yoga in combination with selected essential oils contribute to proper sleep, to improve the psycho-emotional state, as well as to reducing hormonal imbalances and stress levels. Yoga purifies the body and mind, and with the help of essential oils clears toxins from the body, improves metabolism and balances the mind.

The inclusion of the aromas of essential oils during yoga practice takes different forms.
• topical application of oils to special areas (wrists, palms and/or behind the ears) or to pulse points on the body.
• diffusion (inhalation) of aromatic oils.

All essential oils have valuable properties for health, psyche, emotions, spirit and intellect but they also have different effects on our energy bodies. The connection between the essential oil and the subtle energy centers is built primarily through the endocrine glands. Physically, each chakra is responsible for a specific endocrine gland. Since many of the essential oils are rich in the so-called phytohormones, they act directly on the endocrine glands and regulate their functions.

A biochemist and perfume critic at the same time, Luca Turin analyzed the structure of more than 2,000 aromatic molecules of essential oils and found that the aromas emitted by essential oils correspond to a specific frequency of oscillation. In other words, we inhale vibrational frequencies. In the case of essential oils, these are very high vibrations - the highest measured among all substances of natural origin. Bulgarian rose oil has the highest oscillation frequency - 320 MHz, which makes it wonderful for the impact of the finest energy bodies, as well as for harmonizing the function of the chakras. It has been found that oils with higher frequencies (rose, lavender) have a very strong effect on negative emotions, transforming them into positive ones, because emotions are energy. And oils with a lower vibrational frequency (basil, savory) have a stronger effect on physical changes in the body.

Most often, essential oils are used in yoga for emotional and spiritual support and connection, as well as to support the body's physical abilities, such as improving breathing.

Essential oils for various yoga practices:
• Yoga practice for CALMING - Lavender essential oil purifies the energy of the aura, removes anxiety, nervous tension, fear, reduces stress levels and leads to deep inner peace and balance. Promotes deep sleep.
• Yoga practice for SENSITIVITY - rose essential oil evokes a feeling of love and harmony, stimulates creativity, gives faith in one's own strength, attracts love, positive energy and pleasant emotions. It improves the connection with higher realities, increases the frequency of cell vibrations, opens energy flows by balancing personal will. It has a positive effect on all chakras, but especially on the Sahasrara (seventh chakra), which is our connection with the divine - responsible for balancing all other chakras - and it manifests itself in the form of a sense of connection and unity.
• Yoga practice for INSPIRATION - clary sage essential oil provides an invigorating and encouraging aroma that restores inspiration, enhances the ability to express our feelings and creative impulses, increases vital energy, helps to connect with emotions and to cultivate a sense of inner peace.
• Yoga practice for INNER PEACE AND BALANCE - helichrysum essential oil, yarrow essential oil and St. John's wort essential oil bring a pleasant feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. They boost self-confidence and soothe deep emotional pain. They stabilize and restore the feeling of a solid foundation, balance emotions and create a feeling of deep emotional well-being and calmness.
• Yoga practice for a PEACEFUL SPIRIT - melissa essential oil, moldavian dragonhead and lemon savory have a fresh citrus scent that just makes you stand up and move forward boldly. They bring optimism and balance the energy in the body, and the deep connection and awareness they provoke improve the energy and the balance of the chakras.
• Yoga practice for VIGILANCE - mint essential oil, basil essential oil and sage essential oil clear the mind, sharpen the senses, deepen intuition, clear negative psychic energy and are generally wonderful oils for clearing the space. They increase mental alertness and regain focus. They are associated with the will and ambition, as well as the ability to realize our desires.

Aromatic yoga practices are a magical experience that allow us to enter the silence of our own awareness. Yoga and the world of fragrances connect us with the deepest part of ourselves, which always resonates with the feelings of contentment and joy.

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