Set Breathe Freely


Set Breathe Freely

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100% Thyme Essential Oil
100% Mint Essential Oil
100% Hyssop Essential Oil

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Organic Mint essential oil - (10ml)

Mint oil is rich in menthol (up to 70%), which is why it has such a refreshing aroma and a cooling effect on a physical and mental level.
Mint essential oil can support the body’s natural ability to fight colds and it improves breathing.

Mint exhibits antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and strong expectorant qualities, which makes it a great first choice in coping with colds and flu.

Organic Thyme essential oil - against coughs and infections (10ml)

Organic thyme essential oil has a high content of thymol (Thymus vulgaris ct thymol). The latter is a biocide - a substance that destroys pathogenic microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Biocides also reduce bacterial resistance to common antibiotics, eg penicillin.

As an expectorant, bronchodilator, antispasmodic and bactericidal agent, thyme essential oil is effectively used to treat all types of coughs -  acute catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, colds, bronchitis, whooping cough, bronchial asthma.

Organic essential oil Hyssop - against problematic breathing in respiratory problems (5ml)

Organic hyssop essential oil has a wide range of health benefits for the human body. Particularly, it is very beneficial to the respiratory system.
Hyssop is used effectively in the treatment of respiratory diseases - colds and flu, viral infections, sore throat, bronchitis, runny nose, etc.

Natural hyssop essential oil helps expel mucus and phlegm out of your airways. It relieves bronchial spasms, cleanses the lungs, and facilitates breathing. These qualities of the hyssop oil contribute to the elimination of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

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  • author
    J Núñez M — 

    Unique mint EO! Nice aroma, so fresh. Fast delivery.

  • author
    Marimer — 

    It really smells like thyme oil. I think it’s just a little pricey for such a tiny bottle.

  • author
    Sheila Winfield — 

    This oil when used in the diffuser is subtle and clean. Outdoorsy. Not overpowering. Will keep a supply in case COVID visits my household as it is supposed to help with spasmodic coughing.I originally bought it to use with a carrier oil (I used coconut oil) to clear a skin condition. I will keep this around forever as it worked.

  • author
    Lynette Wright — 

    I liked it

  • author
    Amazon Customer — 

    So far so good for what I purchased it for!

  • author
    Karen Kieser — 

    It’s my first time trying this. We were trying to use her for a respiratory issue. Too early to know if it will work

  • author
    Lea Rummler — 

    Since many years I use herbs to heal whatever ails me. Started to have more and more pain in my knees. The Japanese Mint helped me to reduce the pain very much.

  • author
    fania — 

    Smells great

  • author
    Amazon Customer — 

    Smells how it should and seems to be great quality! Diluted like it should with a carrier oil! I would buy again!

  • author
    Tanisha Hay — 

    The oil smells very good

  • author
    Angela C — 

    Great product!! I'm using this to make mentha body scrub & mentha bodywash. Very pleased with it.

  • author
    Cindy ???? — 

    Was exactly what I wanted in a mint essential oil. Used to scent home in burning essential oil burner with other essential oil scents and by itself. The mint scent was perfect not overwhelming just right a rather soothing feeling of essence it gives off for mint fragrance. Is absolutely perfect.

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