Set Hair Repair


Set Hair Repair

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100% Basil Essential Oil
100% Clary Sage Essential Oil
100% Rosemary Essential Oil

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Set Hair Repair includes:

Organic Basil essential oil - against hair loss, for rapid hair growth (10ml)

Organic basil oil combined with base oil exhibits exfoliating qualities. It removes dead skin and balances the scalp. Basil essential oil stimulates blood circulation and microcirculation very well, and thus it promotes hair growth. Add a few drops to your hair loss shampoo or conditioner.

Organic Salvia sclarea essential oil (5ml)

The natural essential oil of salvia sclarea has a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair, as it stimulates the activity of hair follicles and supports hair growth. Furthermore, this essential oil balances sebum production and is very suitable for oily hair types.

Salvia sclarea oil is a natural and very nutritious "food" for skin and hair, making it one of the most valuable and effective solutions against various hair conditions.

Organic essential oil Rosemary (10ml)

Rosemary essential oil is another good oil to add to your hair care routine. Rosemary improves cellular nutrition and increases the metabolism of hair follicles. That is how essential rosemary oil stimulates growth and nourishes and restores damaged hair.

Regularly massaging the scalp with rosemary essential oil (mixed with carrier oil) significantly strengthens the scalp and reduces dandruff. A 2015 study in Iran showed that rosemary essential oil could be very effective in increasing hair growth in individuals with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

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