Organic Smoke Tree Floral Water - 100% pure and natural


Organic Smoke Tree Floral Water - 100% pure and natural

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100% Organic Smoke Tree Floral Water (Cotinus Coggygria Flower/ Leaf Water)

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Our natural smoke tree floral water has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the natural functions of the oral mucosa and the oral flora and makes the tooth enamel more resistant to attacks by acids and bacteria. The flower water is a wonderful addition to daily oral care to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation .

Our smoke tree water works against microbes, which disinfects damaged skin. It thus supports wound healing and helps against skin irritations . This hydrosol is also considered an effective remedy for acne and blemished skin in general. In acne therapy, the skin should be freed from dirt, sebum and dead skin cells twice a day with the smoke tree floral water.

It is used successfully to fight various skin diseases such as eczema and skin burns and promotes wound healing .

In addition, gynecologists recommend smoke tree floral water for cleaning and caring for the intimate area for women.

• helps especially with skin diseases such as eczema;
• fights acne very positively;
• cleans, nourishes and revitalizes the skin perfectly;
• improves the skin's barrier function;
• helpful against gum pain, periodontitis and aphthae;
• tightens and nourishes the gums;
• maintains the natural balance of the oral flora;
• combats effectively volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath;
• reduces the build-up of plaque and attacks putrefaction;
• has a strong antifungal effect;
• supports natural wound healing processes quickly;
• strengthens the enamel;
• fights against harmful bacteria.

• for facial care, spray straight onto the face or apply with a cotton pad;
• after brushing your teeth - rinse your mouth thoroughly for 30 seconds and gargle in your throat, then spit out the water;
• on poultices and compresses;
• hair tonic to revitalize the scalp and soothe the skin;
• hip bath for cleaning and caring for women's intimate area;
• in the case of pressure points and a tendency towards inflammation, smoke tree floral water can be massaged undiluted onto sensitive areas and gum edges with the fingertip or simply treated by rinsing the mouth.


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