Organic Bulgarian Rose - 100% pure and natural essential oil


Organic Bulgarian Rose - 100% pure and natural essential oil

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100% Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil

Price: 44.90 €

Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh Rosa damascena flowers. It has a sweet, floral, feminine, rich, warm aroma of fresh Bulgarian roses. The fragrance is derived from over 300 aromatic compounds that give the subtle sophistication and perfection of real rose oil.

How do I recognize genuine 100% pure and natural rose oil?

  • Real 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Oil always crystallizes at lower temperatures. If it does not crystallize, it is not real rose oil or it is a mixture with other oils that do not crystallize. It is therefore an absolutely important quality feature when no more oil drips from your bottle because of the viscosity of the oil.

What can I do to bring real rose oil back to a liquid state?

  • Simply place it on the heater or in a warm place and the crystal form of the real Bulgarian rose oil liquefies again and you can dose and use it perfectly.

New studies in recent years have proven the incredible health benefits of Rosa Damascena essential oil. It has a wide range of biopharmacological effects: rejuvenating, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, calming nerves, tonic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic and regenerative.

The rose has always been a symbol of love, and rose oil is primarily associated with the heart, it is considered a powerful spiritual healer. This essential oil has uplifting and calming properties for the nervous system, has the ability to energize, calm and harmonize. It provides confidence, dispels melancholy, stimulates the feeling of love and general well-being. Aromatherapy with rose oil creates a real feeling of happiness.

The precious essential oil of Bulgarian rose has an extraordinary combination of healing, beautifying and rejuvenating properties, which make it a special elixir for beauty, youth and health. It is an incredibly powerful tonic for the skin because real rose oil has a strong tightening and toning effect on the capillaries and the entire blood circulation. It is very high in vital antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress, neutralize free radicals at the cellular level, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, age spots and many other signs of premature aging.

The real rose oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that helps soothe reddened and irritated skin and it accelerates the natural process of epidermal recovery (healing) in all skin types. Bulgarian rose oil achieves excellent results in the treatment of acne, dermatitis and eczema.

The unique composition of the Rosa damascena oil offers a wide range of health protection as it fights the three types of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses). It contains high levels of phenols, which show strong antibacterial effects against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus, which means that it can be used to treat infections that affect the health of the respiratory tract, stomach and the entire organism.

The organic rose oil is considered to be the embodiment of femininity. It is one of the most important oils for a woman's health, it supports all phases of a woman's life - from the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and menopause. It is successfully used to regulate ovarian activity and achieve hormonal balance. One of the properties of the precious rose oil is to stimulate the release of hormones related to the menstrual cycle. It is particularly effective when used by women who suffer from irregular periods. It also helps to alleviate problems with the uterus and its proper function in old age and can delay the onset of menopause. The balancing properties and the strong antidepressant effect of rose oil make it very suitable for the transition into menopause.

Our precious rose oil is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs for increasing libido. Inhaling its aroma leads to the release of dopamine in the brain, a motivator that stimulates the desire for love and sexual intimacy, it reduces symptoms of sexual and erectile dysfunction, and frigidity. Pure rose oil contains the chemical organic compound phenylethylamine, which is released when one falls in love. This is the true scent of love.

The real rose oil vibrates at the highest electromagnetic frequency of 320 MHz, which means that when inhaled or massaged, aromatic molecules can quickly penetrate the body, quickly fill every cell with energy, bringing love, harmony, balance and integrity to spirit, body and soul. Higher electromagnetic frequency rose oil helps releasing negative energy from the body, restoring both spiritual and physical levels of vibration, and promoting a better lifestyle.

Calms you down improves self-confidence, and reduces melancholy.
Encourages you to feel wholeness within and to create harmony inside out.
Has anti-age and rejuvenating effects on the skin.
Copes with wrinkles, blemishes, and pigmentation.


Effects on the psycho-emotional state

Chronic fatigue syndrome, apathy, depression

  • Aroma lamp: Put 1 drop of rose oil in rose water in an aroma lamp or a diffuser. We recommend 1 drop per every 15 m² space.
  • Direct inhalation: Drop 1-2 drops of rose essential oil on a cloth or napkin, hold it close to your face, and breathe in the scent deeply.
  • Bathtub: Mix 2-3 drops of rose oil with an emulsifier (e.g. a little honey) and add to the bathwater.


Irritated and inflamed skin

  • Bathtub: Mix 3-5 drops of rose essential oil with an emulsifier (e.g. one tablespoon of liquid honey) to 1 liter of warm milk, pour the mixture into the bath, and stir vigorously. The duration of the procedure is no more than 15 minutes.
  • Massage oil: Mix 2-3 drops of real rose oil with 10ml of base oil. Then massage the mixture onto the affected areas.
  • Natural face cream: Melt 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter and add 2 drops of rose oil. If desired, you can add some beeswax and 2-3 capsules of vitamin E. Pour the mixture into a glass and let it cool. Store in the refrigerator or another cool place out of direct sunlight.


Menopause, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, decreased sexual desire

  • Bathtub: Mix 3-5 drops of essential rose oil with an emulsifier (e.g. a little honey) and add it to the bathwater.
  • Aroma lamp: Put 1 drop of rose oil in rose water in an aroma lamp or a diffuser. We recommend 1 drop per every 15 m² space.
  • Inhalation: Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 2-3 drops of Rosa Damascena essential oil and add to 1 liter of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Instead of perfume

  • Topical application: Rub 1 drop of Rosa damascena essential oil on the pulse area.

Wrinkles and pigmentation, scars

  • Topical application: Apply topically to fine wrinkles: around the eyes, lips and nose, forehead, between the eyebrows, as well as on pigment spots and scars.


SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: The essential Rosa damascena oil is highly concentrated! The application in pure form on the skin should be done with caution! Keep out of reach of children! Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding without first consulting a specialist! Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, the inner ear, and other sensitive parts of the body!

NOTE: The information displayed on the website is for informational purposes only. Use of the essential oil through internal aromatherapy requires prior consultation with an aromatherapist.

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  • author
    marie geiger — 

    All natural & I love it

  • author
    Haley Lane — 

    Love the smell and great price for the amount of floral water you get! I use it on my face after I wash it and I think it is helping my skin texture. I also spray it lightly in my room for a pleasant scent. I strongly recommend for anyone who is curious.

  • author
    Maribel Marhnes — 

    Thank you ☺️

  • author
    This Old Man — 

    I think there was a mistake in the order but i did try it out and it has a light scent but it didn't last long. The ingredients are natural and that's good if your into that but it's ok and i like it.

  • author
    Gaynor — 

    This is lovely, it smells fresh and floral. During the heatwave I used this to cool and freshen my face and neck and now we're in autumn I use it to freshen my hair if it feels icky between washes. I just lightly spray over the surface of my hair then give a quick fluff up with my hands.If using in hot weather keeping in the fridge adds extra coolness to your spritz. A lovely product.

  • author
    Dante — 

    Never really used rose water sprays before, but this felt very nice.Made from damask roses, which is considered to be the queen of flowers by many, it smells quite nice. I'm not a major flower scent person, but the fragrance from this was very good.Using this as a spray on the face and body felt refreshing and relaxing and left a nice smell.Claims to be organic roses and without additives, which is very good, because chemical additives are usually bad for sensitive skin, so this is just great.£13.90 for 250

  • author
    Nady — 

    I like the spray, it is very good for the skin. After using it I feel how clean the skin is and the pores are cleansed. In addition, this spray also has a very pleasant smell, just like roses.

  • author
    Ernetuti — 

    So it doesn't keep for a long time, but knowing that this spray is 100 % natural I really like it ???? scent isn't very strong, sweet rose ???????? big bottle, plenty for long time ????

  • author
    Natasha — 

    This 100% organic, pure, and natural Rose floral water from The Essences Bulgaria comes in 250ml spray glass bottle is refreshing and soothing for my combination skin.I love using this rose water as a toner in the evening on a freshly cleaned face. it seems to help freshen up, lightly hydrates my skin and gives a nice balance to my combination skin. It has a lovely rose scent which is nice and revitalizing. It's good to know that it's not drying and I haven't experienced any adverse reaction to it.This rose

  • author
    Mendo Shutaro — 

    A review from the wife... This spray has a fairly mild rose fragrance to it. It can be used in several ways, including as a body spray, toner and antiseptic. I found that the fragrance dissipated fairly quickly, not lasting more than an hour really. There is also a slight unusual undertone scent to it which I don't find particularly pleasant as I find it slightly musty. This spray comes in a big 250ml bottle which is good value for the price.

  • author
    A.S — 

    I am a huge fan of organic natural skin care products. Thus 250 ml bottle of pure rose water is refreshing and one of the best skin spray. It gives an instant refreshing effect and actually helps with irritated eyes. It comes with absolutely no side effect. And the fragrance is just amazing. I apply it before even applying my cleanser. It juts gives an instant glow!

  • author
    Mia — 

    I think this is a good rosewater!

  • author
    나비 — 

    They are good but there is an after-smell to it. It smells kinda weird. Also the spraying nozzle doesn’t feel right when you hold it to spray it.

  • author
    Bonzo — 

    As Rose water goes, this is a good alternative to the various aerosol types you can get. It arrives well presented in a nice box and the bottle with its pump spray is of a high quality. The information leaflet supplied with the product is a nice touch and informative.With it not being a traditional Cologne, you can spray it virtually on any surface and even keep it in the fridge for use on a hot day.The scent is quite pleasant and authentic-smelling. It's not too heavy but is refreshing on the dry-down and

  • author
    Turner — 

    Lovely scent. A strong but not at all overpowering fragrance. It’s lovely to mist over your face on a hot day. Also I use it a little like a perfume. Gorgeous

  • author
    Caroline P. — 

    Nothing sickly or cloying about this rose water. It simply smells good and is really refreshing to spritz on hair, face and kin as an early-evening pick up. The scent is also reasonably durable too - rose water is not intended as an all day perfume, but this hangs around for a while without getting tiresome. I like it.

  • author
    Budding Artist — 

    This rose water spray is fantastic. I really like the scent . It is long lasting but not overpowering. It is made of organic Bulgarian rose. The scent is amazing. It is soothing on the skin. Perfect for skin and hair

  • author
    DaisyEve — 

    This is a dual purpose product as it is both a facial toner and a body spray as well. It is made in Bulgaria by a family company who are committed to providing high-quality products that are natural, organic, cruelty free and made without any artificial additives etc.The aroma is definitely pure rose and not the synthetic smell that you can get with some face and body products. I must be honest and say there is a slightly earthy undertone, which I’m not so keen on, when I first spray it but that does tend t

  • author
    Bonnie — 

    This is a refreshing water spray in a rose scent. ????Its in a lovely spray bottle which is designed nicely and looks appealing. The bottle also arrives in a lovely box, so its a very giftable item.The spray has a reasonably strong rose scent, which also lasts for hours, but is not overpowering.Its refreshing to use if you are hot to cool you, or you can use as a perfume or even as a clothes spray as it is clear liquid.Overall its very nice, not the cheapest but a quality item.????

  • author
    Alessi Lover — 

    I’m using this as a room spray as it’s just too big for popping into bag for using during day.Plus the scent is ok but not my most favourite. It doesn’t last that long and a little too sweet for my liking as a room spray good though and looks pleasant enough sat on cloakroom window ledge. Plus smells better than some loo sprays I think and works out not an expensive room spray.

  • author
    Heatherlabelle1 — 

    The item arrived in a nice card box with an information leaflet included.My product has a best before date of 12/2023 printed on it.The bottle is made of white plastic with a pump action dispenser and clear plastic cap.The spray works well and delivers a fine mist that feels very refreshing.I use this as a facial spray and find it hydrating and gentle on my skin. I use it to refresh my hair and it also feels nice sprayed on my body too.I would describe the scent as natural and quite strong initially, but it

  • author
    Marco Busani — 

    This rose water spray is supplied in a 250 ml spray bottle and comes with a transparent cap.I have tested this out on my face and the spray water has a lovely rose aroma and feels incredibly refreshing and invigorating when sprayed on your face.I am yet to apply this with a cotton pad,but as soon as I do I will update the review.For the time being I am very happy to award 5 Stars.Great organic,natural product

  • author
    E. Sylvia Simpson — 

    Lovely smelling organic rose water, in an attractive, clear plastic spray bottle.This review represents my opinion, on the date(s) it was written, of a free product from Amazon Vine Program.

  • author
    The Old Grey Witch's Test — 

    I thought this would be good. I was once given a jar of Bulgarian honey and you could both smell and taste the wonderful flowers of that country. The rose scent in this is just perfect; the real old fashioned perfume of Damask roses. The instructions advise use as a cleanser, but it is just as good as a toner, face spray, or simply as a pick-me-up at the end of a long day. Rose scent has powerful antidepressant properties.

  • author
    Londoner — 

    A fairly-priced alternative to other similar products, many of which are far more expensive but not necessarily of similar quality. Some may contain other oils and fragrances."Essences Bulgaria Organic Rose Floral Water 100% Natural, Spray for face, Body, Hair, Beauty Elixir, Longevity, Anti-Aging (8.5 Fl Oz (250 ml))" is not just randomly branded but to indicate the country of origin of the rose oil on which it is based, the quality of which is claimed to be the highest possible. Derived from Damask roses,

  • author
    Mrs. C. Swarfield — 

    This is an amazing product. It is so hot today and after a shower I used as a cooling body spray. The scent is beautiful but very subtle. It is refreshing and cooling. My skin felt instantly hydrated and cool. Can be used as a cleanser al so but I am going to use as a body spray.It is from Bulgaria which makes a lovely change from China. A large 250 ml bottle so this represents wonderful value for money and a little goes a long way. I recommend and am delighted with this lovely refreshing spritzer. Five sta

  • author
    Cathy — 

    This Essences Bulgaria Organic Rose Floral Water smells good. It is a little strong at first but it doesn't last too long. I can't tell a difference in my skin after using it but I will continue to use it and revise my review if that changes.The floral water comes in a 4.7-ounce spray bottle. There are instructions on the bottle. The scent is not too overwhelming.I will recommend this Essences Bulgaria Organic Rose Floral Water to family and friends.

  • author
    Caliaha — 

    Ive tried a lot of rose hydrosols and this has quickly become one of my favorites. The scent is real rose and it is made from Rose Damascena from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is where Rose Damascena is from, so this is the real deal, right from the country of origin. I love that!I have been using Heritage Store Rosewater which I really like too. This Essences brand is about the same price per oz as Heritage Store. Heritage Store 8 oz bottle sells for $15 and this Essences 4.7 oz bottle sells for $10.There is nothing

  • author
    Teresa's Twisted Rocks — 

    This rose spray smells absolutely beautiful! It smells like fresh roses. Wonderful to find a true floral water. Refreshing and softening and cleansing. I highly recommend!

  • author
    Shanice H. — 

    Good product; works as intended. Smells great.Seller is responsive.

  • author
    Charde Padgett — 

    I can't wait to use, perfect size to carry around

  • author
    Shanice H. — 

    I love this product. It is organic, smells like rose and does wonders for my hair and skin. Good expiration date (3/2024) with 6 month PAO. I will definitely purchase again!

  • author
    Jaime Foster — 

    Very refreshing

  • author
    Maria Redington — 

    Gorgeous smell, long lasting but subtle. I use it as a cooling body spray

  • author
    Adrianne Kriegh — 

    Smells so good it's nice and refreshing if you keep it in the fridge. It absorbs in my skin without making it oily. Love this I wanna try their perfume next lol.

  • author
    ROSIE — 

    Love my Rose water smells so good????????‍♂️

  • author
    Staci  — 

    I love it. Smells awesome.

  • author
    Gabriela  — 

    I love it because there is a high percentage of rose oil, amazing rose scent, it makes my skin so fresh, hydrate it and prevent the skin of ageing. I usually spray it directly on my skin! It's great!!!

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