Organic Helichrysum Floral Water - 100% pure and natural


Organic Helichrysum Floral Water - 100% pure and natural

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100% Organic Helichrysum Floral Water (Helichrysum Italicum Flower Water)

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Helichrysum is a favorite in the natural world for skin care. Our organic Helichrysum floral water is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh golden flowers of the herb with the botanical name Helichrysum italicum. The plant is also called Immortella, Straw Flower and Curry Plant. It has a deeply saturated warm, herbal, sweet aroma with a pronounced copper hue. It is designed to awaken the skin with immediate, nourishing hydration.

What makes the Helichrysum Organic Floral Water unique is its excellent therapeutic and regenerating properties on the skin. It is able to slow down the aging process, protect against environmental stressors and revitalize the skin to full radiance.

Immortella hydrosole supports the natural regeneration of the epidermis, and the high content of antioxidants help cells protect themselves from damage caused by free radicals. Aromatic water from Immortella has mild anticoagulant and fluidizing properties that make it a valuable ally in the fight against stretch marks.

Helichrysum flower water contains the water-soluble essential oil components of the plant and has a cleansing, hydrating, antibacterial, revitalizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and circulatory effect on the skin.

Helichrysum hydrolate is used as a first aid for sports injuries, joint pain, swelling, burns, bruises, minor injuries, as well as sore and inflamed muscles. The decongestant (reduces swelling, drains secretions) and soothing effect of Immortella floral water leads to instant improvement of symptoms.

By improving blood circulation, the use of organic Floral Water from Immortella can be useful in case of heaviness, fatigue and swelling of the legs, as well as to reduce dark circles around the eyes.

In combination with organic floral water from Clary Sage, Helichrysumwater is used in vaginal showers to relieve the symptoms of endometriosis, fibroids and painful cycle. Applied regularly and in combination with appropriate therapies with essential oils, it can significantly improve these conditions.

• Cleanses, softens, hydrates, and tones the skin
• Reduces skin inflammation associated with acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea
• Soothes sunburn and radiation burns
• Helps fade scars and age spots
• Prevents the appearance of stretch marks
• Clarifies the complexion and supports lifeless skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen
• Reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage
• Accelerates the healing of cuts, scars, bruises
• Promotes faster healing of the skin after surgery and dental interventions
• Helps to quickly remove swelling and bruises
• Relieves heaviness and fatigue in the legs
• Relieves the symptoms of endometriosis, fibroids, and painful cycle.

• Tonic to hydrate and soothe the skin
• Cold compress - for light bruises and abrasions
• Oral hygiene water
• Gargle after dental treatment
• Body spray - after serious skin injuries
• Aftershave for men - relieves skin discomfort after shaving
• Perfect addition to natural clay masks
• Eye compress
• Compresses and wet wraps for abrasions
• Footbath
• Excellent help for cleaning and faster healing of wounds from tattoos or body piercings.

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  • author
    Jennifer Danzy — 

    I use this in my product and I love it

  • author
    ☆La~La☆ — 

    I've worked with medicinal grade essential oils forever and was a young living essential oil distributor but this but this value for the money with the gentle floral spicy scent is a 100 times as good as the other and instead of a Pyramid scheme where it makes oils almost unaffordable even for the distributor it is the best value oil that I have found for the money and helichrysum Is so good for trauma/ bruises.... It's a priceless oil to have on hand with your 1st aid kit.

  • author
    dianakos — 

    Beautiful packaging, well-thought-out design. White box painted with chamomile flowers with the company name and the other side with product information. The package also contains instructions for using the oil. Oil in a dark glass bottle with a black, tight, resealable lid. The oil has a natural smell with a bluish tinge, is very concentrated and requires caution when applied. After using the oil, there were no side reactions and allergies. I advise everyone!

  • author
    Debra S. Simpson — 

    I used this product for the health of my nails

  • author
    Wendy Harris — 

    Seems to work well but find that they scent is rather unpleasant.

  • author
    J Núñez M — 

    This EO helps and protects the respiratory system and skin. Very particular and interesting aroma. I liked it a lot.

  • author
    J Núñez M — 

    Very delicate, fresh and sweet Aroma. This herb acts as a restorative and neuroprotecter. Excellent quality of this EO.

  • author
    A person — 

    Item as described . I use several brands of oils and I can’t even tell the difference in a very popular high end brand .

  • author
    Michelle Lepien — 

    Wonderful quality. Thank you!

  • author
    BV — 

    Great for gums: removes infection and pains. I use plastic gum picks and this smoke tree oil, full satisfaction!

  • author
    JC Kennedy — 

    Using in an oil roller. Satisfied with the product

  • author
    Kim Hinrichsen — 

    Very well packaged, arrived quickly and is the genuine deal. Sometimes you never know if you’ll get the real deal. This oil is one of my favorites. I will definitely order again.

  • author
    pansy — 

    Slipped and fell on my knee. Applied the oil and could tell the swelling was greatly reduced and my knee felt better.

  • author
    Val — 

    I can't believe I am saying this, but my eczema is gone! I am beyond happy! I put a few drops in a base oil and applied twice a day as my therapist suggested. I recommend this oil to everyone who has been trying to find the best solution for a persistent eczema. This stuff really works!!!

  • author
    Eve — 

    In an aromatherapy workshop I learned it’s a natural antibiotic and it actually worked when I felt a flu coming. Thank you

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