Organic Rosehip Oil - 100% pure and natural, cold-pressed oil (100ml)


Organic Rosehip Oil - 100% pure and natural, cold-pressed oil (100ml)

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100% Organic Rosehip cold-pressed oil (Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Rosa Canina Seed Oil)

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The precious organic rosehip oil, also called wild rose oil, is a natural, extremely precious luxury oil , very popular in skin care, as it has an intensive skin-regenerating, smoothing and moisturizing effect. It is suitable for all skin types , but it is particularly helpful for dry, sensitive, flaky, tired and demanding skin.

The rose hip oil is characterized in particular by the high natural content of poly-unsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid. Linoleic acid is particularly suitable for sensitive and irritated skin, as it has both soothing and anti-inflammatory effects .

The pure rose hip oil is a real anti-aging oil , as it counteracts premature skin aging such as wrinkles, smile lines and age spots through vitamins E and C. It protects against skin damage from solar radiation and against harmful environmental influences, inhibits inflammatory processes and prevents skin impurities.

In addition, the 100% all-natural organic rose hip oil is characterized by a high vitamin A content. Vitamin A stimulates cell renewal and the skin's own collagen synthesis and has a regenerating effect. In addition, the tightening of the skin is positively influenced, which leads to a clearly visible anti-aging effect.

The rose hip oil also regulates the natural moisture balance of the skin and forms a protective film against excessive drying out.

Pure rosehip oil is also popular as a base oil in body oil blends to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, as it promotes skin elasticity . Its extraordinary fatty acid spectrum makes it an effective oil for scar care ‒ reduces scarring, reduces existing scars and evens out uneven skin .

The valuable oil from nature also regulates sebum production, prevents clogged pores and thus acne , reduces unevenness such as cellulite and minimizes skin damage from rashes, burns or skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties allow pimples to heal faster. It is sufficient to apply rose-hip oil lightly once a day.

Rose hip oil has a particularly strong effect when used around the eyes, as it visibly minimizes small wrinkles and prevents them from developing.

• very suitable for the treatment of dry, flaky skin, pigment spots and scars;
• soothes red and inflamed skin areas;
• hydrates dry skin and provides balanced moisture;
• protects the skin from free radicals;
• supports natural cell and tissue regeneration, promotes skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and brightens age spots;
• ensures a balanced cell metabolism;
• supports healing processes;
• promotes collagen production in the skin;
• normalizes sebum function and pigmentation;
• helps with acne;
• accelerates the wound healing process;
• compensates for visible skin damage caused by too much sun;
• prevents premature skin aging;
• increases the basic protection and resilience of the skin;
• tightens connective tissue;
• helps with enlarged veins;
• acts against the formation of split ends in dry or damaged hair;
• gives hair suppleness and a healthy shine.

Our organic rosehip oil is best applied in the evening, as the skin can recover well during sleep and is therefore even more absorbent. The oil is absorbed very quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin.

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