Silver fir

The silver fir (Abies alba) is a European conifer from the genus Fir in the Pine family. It is native to the northern hemisphere and can live up to 600 years. The tree has a deep, heart-shaped root system and can reach a height of 55 meters in the jungle. Pine cones stand upright on the tree and do not fall to the ground as a whole cone. The silver fir, which is up to 65 meters high, has always been a symbol of beauty, strength and size.

In mythology, the firs were considered sacred trees. They were supposed to be the residence of gods and were often referred to as "kings of the forest" and "bearers of divine light". Fir branches symbolize pagan belief, the victory of light over darkness and the spirit of Christmas.

In ancient times the silver fir was considered the "axis of the world". Seen from above, they are a kind of projection of the universe and the movement of celestial bodies. The name "silver fir" is an etymological analog of the term "Yol", which the ancient Celts used to denote The day of the winter solstice.

The energy of the silver fir enables the tree to absorb the pain of inflammatory processes. Takes negative energy from people in a particularly targeted manner and recharges them with the purely natural energy flow of their bioenergy. In this way, the silver fir tree helps improve well-being, relieve stress and cure various diseases.

Many spiritual healers believe that silver fir resin is charged with solar and earth energy. The silver fir not only heals the body but also the human soul.

The medicinal use of the fir resin was already established by the Greek doctor and forefather of medicine Hippocrates in the fourth century B.C.E. described. The resin actually serves the tree to ward off bark beetles or mold. But humans also make this resin usable by cutting open the larger bubbles on the tree trunk and extracting the light, balsamic juice. The terpenic resin acts like a real natural antibiotic against bacteria and also helps with numerous complaints. Because of its very sticky nature, the resin can be applied directly to the bleeding incision to stop the flow of blood and close the wound.

The silver fir spreads HEALTH around it. Majestic and proud, resistant to extreme cold, wind and snow, the silver fir is a real survivor among tree species. It needs oils and resins that serve as heating energy to withstand the extreme weather conditions to which it is often exposed. The evergreen conifer is an example of how it can use the power of the earth and the light of the sun to keep growing and developing, even in times of low solar radiation.

It is therefore not surprising that silver fir essential oil has the ability to protect against all seasonal illnesses such as colds and flu and has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties that provide the necessary flow of energy to strengthen the immune system. According to folk medicine, the ingredients of tree resin, needles, fresh shoots or berries are used as natural remedies for the treatment of various diseases of the bronchi and lungs, for exhausted organisms after an illness and are intended to prevent colds and respiratory infections.


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