Lovage - the love herb with a special flavor

Lovage (Levisticum officinale) also known as Maggi plant, is an herbaceous perennial plant from the Apiaceae family. The strong, saturated and specifically spicy aroma of lovage is unmistakable. This herb with an irresistible aroma has always been considered an aphrodisiac.

Lovage was already known in ancient Greece and Rome. Famous healers such as Hippocrates, Avicenna, Galen recommended soaking the lovage in wine to treat brain diseases and edema internally and externally as well as a remedy for nocturnal urination and mixed with honey to detoxify the body.

The Slavs believed that the herb had 9 healing powers, and the Chinese ascribed the ability to cure 99 diseases. During the transition through the Alps, General Suvorov gave his soldiers a tincture of lovage to improve their strength and combat skills. As early as 1882 it was found that lovage prevents the spread of tuberculosis bacteria.

In Germany this plant is considered hostile to “black magic” and is associated with love spell, hence the name "lovage".

In folk medicine, juice or decoction of the roots and leaves of lovage is used. The infusion of roots and plant is used to relieve stomach cramps, for inflammation of the bronchi, to improve appetite, to reduce gas, to regulate the endocrine system and to strengthen hair growth.

As a tea, lovage is a natural blood purifier and a natural expectorant for coughs, bronchitis, influenza, pharyngitis and angina.

According to popular belief, lovage has another hidden power that protects all residents of the house from negative energy influences, so that it is planted on the doorstep of the house to drive away evil forces and thoughts.

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