Basil - "The royal spice"

Basil (Ocinum basilicum) is a plant from the mint family. Basil is often referred to as a "royal herb" or "royal spice". The name of the plant comes from the ancient Greek word "basileus" (βασιλεύς) - "king" and has become very legendary through this name.

One of the legends claims that the fragrant plant grew in the place where the Saints Constantine and Helena discovered the cross of Jesus Christ. In the west, basil was a symbol of fertility and the bearer of human purity and virtue in the Middle Ages.

In ancient India and tropical Asia, basil was considered a sacred fragrance and sacred herb associated with love and loyalty. Today in India basil is sacred to both Krishna and Vishnu and is worshiped in every home.

Italians consider basil to be an integral part of their cultural tradition. For Italians, basil is a symbol of love.

In Bulgaria, basil is used as part of the ritual of consecrating water in worship and is also revered as a sacred herb.

Basil creates an optimistic outlook on life. It can turn emotions like anger, anger, resentment into positive energy. This herb is said to have a protective effect on the house by preventing negative vibrations, it brings happiness to the whole family and is very beneficial in the garden.

Basil has a strong and distinctive aroma that adds to the symphony of flavors of exquisite dishes. In addition to its culinary benefits, the spice has powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that make it not only delicious but also very healthy - perfection in a beautiful and fragrant stem.

Basil is very useful and has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. It has powerful antiseptic and appetite stimulating properties. Basil is used as an herb to treat gastritis and colitis.

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